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Pets of the Future

Pets of the Future
"There will be no pets in the future", I casually stated during one evening's dinner conversation. The reaction I received from my family was a vehement outcry of rejection and impossibility. I was stunned, as I was only expressing a viewpoint, not a fact. My child, who is eleven years old couldn't accept such a future and imagined not having his pet, Sandy, our lovable, cross breed poodle like canine. My partner, also expressed the same impossible future, stating the viewpoint that pets are essential to help ease loneliness and provide much needed companionship to people in need.This led me to think more about this idea and as to why I believe pets will cease to exist in the future.

First, I need to examine the purpose pets serve.Here are my top 10 reason why people have pets today:1. Loneliness: we all know that senior citizens and people suffering from mental illnesses or psychological problems such as depression are extremely lonely and need a pe…

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